" His reminiscences have a humour, poetry and curious literary perception all their own. " Auberon Waugh
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Fred Archer's current publisher is Sutton Publishing - a Gloucestershrie firm with over 20 years experience publishing books of historical and local interest. If you are searching for a Fred Archer book that is currently in print, you can shop online at the Sutton Publishing website. Go to Suttons
...New by Fred Archer - Published in October 2001  

Hay Days
The final book by the much-loved raconteur of country life. Published by Sutton.

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...Published by Sutton

Benedict's Pool
... recalls the mythic folklore surrounding a pool that few villagers fish from and nobody will visit on moonlit nights.
This edition: 1999
ISBN: 0 7509 2135 8


Hawthorn Farm
... chronicles a Worcestershire farm from the 1930s to the 1970s - from Land Girls and Italian POWs to pea-pickers, faith healers and cricketers.

This edition: 1998
ISBN: 0 7509 1472 6

The Tibblestone Hundred
... describes a time when most men had a dog and gun, and when fields had names and were tilled by hand. Photographs.
This edition: 1996
ISBN: 0 7509 1256 1


The Cuckoo Pen
... recreates the 1920s and 30s, when twenty cows made a man a living, and the creak of the plough only stopped for Sunday sweethearting. Photographs.
This edition: 1996
ISBN: 0 7509 1288 X

Farmers, Craftsmen and Music Makers
... once brought their special skill and joy to village life. Fred Archer's vivid recollections combine with contemporary photographs.
This edition: 1994
ISBN: 0 7509 0572 7


A Country Twelvemonth
Between the wars, Fred Archer's world was a place where ploughmen sang in fields and his neighbours were more Shakespearean than Twentieth Century. Photographs.
This edition: 1996
ISBN: 0 7509 1256 1

Grain and Chaff Under The Hill
... tells of Ashton-under-Hill as the villagers themselves remembered it and recounted to Fred over the years. Drawings and photographs.
This edition: 1991
ISBN: 0 86299 934 0


A Lad Of Evesham Vale
... describes an enchanting menagerie of Worcestershire country folk - especially the lovable, motorbiking scoundrel, Sacco. With photographs from Fred Archer's own collection.
This edition: 1991
ISBN: 0 86299 960 X

Country Sayings
"You're as handy as a toad with side pockets." A collection of rural sayings and old saws, along with Fred's anecdotal accounts of when he first heard them. Photographs.
This edition: 1990
ISBN: 0 86299 837 9


The Village Of My Childhood
... is Ashton-under-Hill. From paraffin lamps, earth closets and the last train to Evesham at 7 o'clock, to the Fordson tractor and the last generation of shire horses. Photographs.

This edition: 1989
ISBN: 0 82699 557 4

Poachers Pie
Fred Archer tells the 1890s story of princes, poachers, plum-pickers and murder - from newspaper reports and villagers' memories, including his own mother's.
This edition: 1987
ISBN: 0 86299 428 4


The Village Doctor
... called on Fred's cousin George with a shotgun under his arm. "You haven't come to shoot me," asked George. Fred regales us with tales of Edward Roberson, Ashton-under-Hill's doctor for forty years.
This edition: 1986
ISBN: 0 86299 250 0

A Hill Called Bredon
... is a magical unravelling of the hidden secrets of the countryside, nature and man working together in their own special ways.
This edition: 1983
ISBN: 0 86299 105 6

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